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Like, is he literally just standing around, waiting for Sung Yeol to be ready to fight? I think some of the points that people complain about are explained. I’m live-watching too many things right now, and Goblin is starting tonight! Proud to be a k-fangirl since 2007. [END SPOILER]. **Let’s have a fan-girl moment for this cameo!!**. This will be a very short review compared to my usual fair. The whole show was shot beautifully… the amount of gorgeous detail in the sets and clothes show is breathtaking. That was one of the things that bugged me throughout: lots of questions, but no answers. Joseon Gunman suffered from many of the same issues as Scholar, like repetitive plot cycles without a lot of movement, and making LJK’s character angsty without allowing him to exercise his power. However, as of late things have gotten complicated. | The Fangirl Verdict. I also noticed swwtn wasn’t as popular in Korea (heard it had quite low ratings) than it is internationally. She’s cute in the role, though. XD. What put me off was the romance which seemed relatively forced and quite OTT to me. And I really am not wishing Sung Yeol to be alive at the end too. The good news is, Season 1 is able to stand alone, if you’re not inclined towards watching more than one season , PS: You can check out my reviews for S1 & S2 here & here, to see if they’re up your alley! Which is a pitty, because mythology inconsistency is the one unforgivable sin in fantasy, but, anyway, the casting was good. Anyway, I do enjoy your reviews and I want to say I like the fact that you have a “Dropped” section. Haha.. . 50 eps!! I think if I remember correctly, the writer of Blood wrote Good Doctor and I think I’m the only person who didn’t like that drama (though Joo Won was amazing), so maybe it was the hospital setting that didn’t do much for me. Actually, the production values of current jdramas are more or less on par with the korean ones. 20150805 - Duration: 2:00. What would I do without you?? 밤을 걷는 선비, Night Strolling Scholar, Scholar of the Night, Scholar Who Walks the Night. All I can say is, most adaptations that I’ve come across don’t tend to follow the source material very closely. Just, a little more inclusivity and clarity would’ve been nice. Genres Historical, Supernatural, Romantic Comedy. I DO know how strong and unwavering your fangirl love is! Glad you enjoyed this one, Andy. Sadly i am not yet done with the drama yet and i only have 6 episodes….. . XD, when this drama was premiered i got excited coz all of my favorite pretty men are in here. Watch List. #KdramaFansUnite. <3, You just inspired me to do a piece on OUATIS.^^ I’ve kept it non-spoilery so if you get a sudden urge to comment or talk about the drama, feel free. I’m SO watching Imaginary Cat – I can’t wait to have YSH’s molten gaze back on my screen again! The king’s will, the bloodline and the vampire killer, they were all right there at the end. Then theres that scene where Sung Yeol sucked Yang Sun’s blood and Yang Sun turned out to be still alive. And so true, in my case, since Lee Jun Ki was the main reason I managed to watch this to the very end, since the romance in this one didn’t work for me as well as it did for you. But thankfully there are a lot of great ones out there so the only problem really is time and just picking one! Jang Hee Jin caught my eye too, in this. Ah, that’s right, you do enjoy vampire stories! I enjoyed the drama, but if you think too much about some of the things, they just don’t add up; so I just kind of let them go over my head. Flash Review: Scholar Who Walks The Night 74 Replies When I first heard the set-up for Scholar Who Walks the Night, I was really excited. Also, the editing sometimes … And then we get an extremely protracted scene of Yang Sun making her presence known, and offering Sung Yeol her blood, and then we see Sung Yeol angsting over it, and then giving her a goodbye speech, before kissing her, and then drinking her blood. for like days now. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I had no idea why they spent so much time looking for the book, and there were lots of loopholes in the characters’ relationships. Yet when I watch the show, I don’t notice any chemistry, which then results in me spending all my time watching out for those two characters to see if my initial opinion was wrong lol. Episodes felt quite long (and boring; to be honest i FF-ed a lot) and the background music sometimes didn’t quite match up with what was going on on-screen! And eventually there was a cute/quirky love story sprinkled into the mix. Taking into account my high hopes for a lovely mashup of Arang and SKKS, I was expecting Show to have a tone that was light & fun for the most part, with stretches of moderate intensity for the rest of the time. I’m sorry, I hope that helped! Through a pact made with the current kings ancestors, Gwi rules through fear instilled by endless terror as a result of him killing anyone opposing him. The Scholar Who Walks the Night - (Bameul geotneun seonbi) Güç ve hırsın insanların gözünü canavar gibi bürüdüğü bir dönemde asil bir aile inanılmaz bir komplonun kurbanı olur. Ah, maybe once he comes back from the army , he will get new opportunities. Better for a show to start awful and become decent than the other way around, so I’m happy with that. He’s so has the visual for it, but pretty isn’t everything. I can totally see why I might get frustrated with Victoria, from the little bits I’ve seen so far. I mean, a supernatural drama world featuring Joseon-era vampires with glorious bone structure, and a girl who goes undercover as a boy to earn a living and support her family? Both are repetitive plot-wise, always circling around the same thing, and then both shows made LJK angsty, without giving him room to actually use his power (guns or vampire powers, as the case may be). It makes no sense whatsoever, like I mention in my review, but, I feel like the alternative doesn’t make sense either. We get episodes and episodes of Very Serious Dramatic Stuff, all in the name of finding the secret journal. *g* As for Teh Pretty, I have to say I do prefer the more… should I say ‘manly’ looks of Japanese actors (so many of them have gorgeous, soulful eyes *swoon*). I guess Lee Soo Hyuk doesn’t quite have the look one would associate with “ordinary guy” since he looks so unique! lol random thought is random. I actually enjoyed this drama, but at some point I was in it only for the romance between the two leads which I actually enjoyed. Gwi had his issues, and we got hints of them, but we never really had any indication that he thought of Hye Ryung as anything other than a useful pawn. I only remember him as the maknae of the DBSK boy group that can give a high note in singing and can dance awesomely. Enter your email address to follow The Fangirl Verdict and receive notifications of new posts by email. Copyright © 2017-2021 by Welcome to Drama World. A good writer, in taking over someone else’s work, would do everything possible to make the story feel like one whole, and make the switch in writers as seamless as possible. He’s very in the moment and I actually like it. Sun. Oh yes it does mess with your own experience doesn’t it? The jangly tune begins to play, as he presses his lips to hers, and I’m cringing all the way through the scene. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email (required) (Address never made public) Name (required) Website. , Yes, Changmin is really really good, as Yoon! Ive been lurking around for a long time here and really enjoy reading your reviews. I also anticipated it being pretty angsty, which it was, and I liked it. Although initially only viewing him as a well-paying customer, Yang-Sun soon finds herself increasingly intrigued by the mysterious scholar and his request. XD, It’s great that you enjoyed this one as much as you did, coz I do think LJK is pretty great in this. Posted on December 31, 2015 December 31, 2015 by Pris. The mythology of this drama world, around who dies and who gets turned into a vampire upon being fanged, is not explained. What did he need to do? This was a show that did get frustrating to watch. I mean, she did a good job as Myung Hee too, and made Myung Hee a sweet and likable character. It may ask for sacrifices our heroes refuse to make and our villains did not anticipate. I could understand that Yoon and Hye Ryung found a connection, but, I found it unbelievable that their relationship would be so deep so fast. Review: Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food [Something In The Rain]. Sounds like just your kinda thing! It’s so different, and quite hilarious! Don’t get me wrong—stuff totally happens. I hear Lee Soo Hyuk’s doing nicely in Neighborhood Hero, if that helps. Coz in the end, even though we get to a happy ending, I feel like I don’t even really know how we got there. And Lee Joon Gi of course. I want to know why Sung Yeol needed to disappear for a year. Frustrating. All Rights Reserved. Here’s the OST album in case you’d like to listen to it while you read the review. , Let’s just say I weathered I Miss You for Yoo Seung Ho which by all accounts was probably one of the most painful watches I have had in my meager drama-watching history (Bad Love still takes the cake on the worst I have seen) – and I have watched some stinkers in the name of fangirl love. It’s the matter of time who will get to do what he think it’s right. 1. Post navigation. It sounded like the perfect mashup combining the best of Arang and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, both of which are dramas I really love. After all, I figured we’d need some dramatic tension, right? Lee Joon-gi as Kim Sung-yeol ("Night Scholar") A loyal and courageous scholar who is a close friend of Crown Prince Jonghyun. That’s just so much more runway for things to potentially go wrong But, it’s such an amazing cast that I just can’t say no ^^, I watch Jdramas only very occasionally – it messes with my head to listen to so much Japanese when my ears have become so accustomed to listening to Korean. It has many overlaping mysteries, I love that so many of the characters seem to be at fault, and in general can’t wait for the next episodes! And oh, speaking about the ending, I think they were fighting the whole night, that’s why it was daylight when the explosion happened. Spot on girl! Click here to see all your streaming options! The show also kept sort of playing up a relationship between Gwi and Hyeryeong that kind of hinted at romance and I felt that it was abit unnecessary/out-of-place and just plain weird. I think you made a good decision there, Timescout! It is the Joseon dynasty and Kim Sung-Yeol (Lee Joon-Gi) is a gifted young scholar. Especially since I was hoping for a cooler, more subtle and effortless sort of vamping out, sort of along the lines of Season 1 of Vampire Prosecutor. “Falling in Love with Soon-Jung” (Drama Coreano) Resumen, How to watch Korean dramas like a pro-Step 2, “Arsenal Military Academy” (Chinese Drama) Review, OST’s and the magic of music (Korean Drama Soundtrack), Kim So-Eun as Lee Myung-Hee/Choi Hye-Ryung. Click here to understand the heart behind #FindMyTribe! This website or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. When I first heard the set-up for Scholar Who Walks the Night, I was really excited. Fighting as one, Sung-Yeol and Crown Prince JongHyun resolve to win over and destroy Gwi. I’ve become quite good at choosing what to watch but even I can’t avoid some mishaps, especially if the drama starts out really great, only to go to pot several episodes later. XD I’d say that Scholar is an easier watch than IMY – after all, I finished it, didn’t I? Scholar Who Walks the Night is a fun mix of fantasy and romance that’s well executed and sticks to the basics — a strong central character who’s more than human but struggles to be more human than anyone. That jangly ballad would start to play, giving me the cue that what I was watching was supposed to be romantic. Totally agree with Kat on the assessment. . Kore dizileri, romantik türde diziler başta olmak üzere bir çok türde dizi çeşidine sahiptir. It sometimes almost felt like I was watching two different shows, like I had maybe fallen asleep with my eyes open and had sleep-worked the remote to change channels or something. Both Lee Jun Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk bring indisputable amounts of pretty to the show, and uh, I just liked gazing at the Pretty. She popped for me, as a character. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in not feeling this show as much as I wanted to. Oh I’ve been having a thing for Long Haired LJK since the King and the Clown, one of my top 10 movies of all time. Haha, your rant made me chuckle, neve.. Clearly, this show isn’t working for you. My soft spot for YSH is bigger, so I’m rather pleased that he’s got a couple of projects coming out. I like! Ah, I don’t think I’ve ever had that problem, I love picking out familiar words within Japanese. . idk. Basically, it all starts to feel pretty random as we get deeper into the episodes, and I can’t decide whether it’s a case of writer-nim being very forgetful, or the live shoot preventing PD-nim from ensuring these details remained consistent. Romance, intrigue, action, and even superpowers; Afterglow’s got it all, and somehow Lady G makes it all work! Gwi (Lee Soo-Hyuk) is a powerful vampire turned evil by ignoring rules coveting something not meant to be his. I will OF COURSE watch Moon Lovers, it is indeed very much my kinda thing, but after it ends, I don’t watch ongoing shows. but really not well enough. yet shes still pretty strong by the end to cry over him. Hope you likey! That’s less of an issue here than in Gunman, but it is a little bit similar. Which is why, if a drama’s not my preferred genre, I’ll wait it out, to see if it’s worth checking out. And yes I was impressed by Changmin! Just, WHY is Show making it this confusing? But like you, I didn’t felt it helped. He embraced the character of Gwi, and made him an interesting, fascinating antagonist. Just, Scholar didn’t manage to make the angst feel worth it, y’know? Very well-cast, and nicely delivered all-around. Scholar Who Walks the Night is a drama that I was highly anticipating, and overall I was very pleased with it. This week we are taking a look at ‘The Scholar Who Walks The Night’. I loved the gore, though. I’m looking forward to chatting more dramas with ya, KL! Vampire doesn’t belong to this category. I picked out the other things you mentioned too – the jarring timeskip that made no sense and sungyeol randomly walking around in the sunlight although he’s a vampire?! :/ I love whaen characters give great performances but most of the times I want more from my dramas…. Sounds like the original webtoon was a better conceived story all around. Wow~ ok, I’m gonna go study your email carefully, soon! Ps. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Scholar Who Walks the Night (PK Korean Drama, 5 DVD, 20 Episodes, English Subtitles) at With vampire love on one hand and K-drama love on another, I went into Scholar Who Walks the Night with huge expectations. Living in a cave underneath the palace, Gwi has been using the kings as puppets for his purpose. ), and honestly, LJK is the main reason I hung on all the way to the end. As you know I adore Jun Ki and I will most probably watch this one at some point but do appreciate this heads up! Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side. except yeah… the story had really weird pacing and I never found the OTP believable enough because of the maturity/age gap between them. I get that the source material is really popular but it wouldn’t have taken much to explain things. That’s something that Sunny & I were wondering about. Well, the short answer to that is ‘Because of Lee Joon-Gi’. Gwi at the last episode is strong after he drank a lot of blood and then just PANG. But I’m not satisfied. I was also surprised by Changmin and his Yoon portrayal – very regal. Speaking of army, I can’t wait for Yoo Seung Ho’s and Song Joong Ki’s new dramas. Major props for that. I hope you decide to give it another chance sometime! He’s wearing the magic black robe both times, so seriously, what gives? . [At your own risk] Check out our other reviews celebrating the month of October: Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Just sayin’. In their journey towards their respective goals, both humans and vampires find themselves in danger of getting derailed by love. [SPOILER] From Sung Yeol drinking Myung Hee’s (Kim So Eun) blood, to Sung Yeol’s burgeoning I-shouldn’t-love-you feelings for Yang Sun (Lee Yoo Bi), to Hye Ryung’s (Kim So Eun) complicated relationship with Yoon, to Soo Hyang’s (Jang Hee Jin) one-sided feelings for Sung Yeol, every relationship is rife with angst. He legit blew me away, in some scenes. Plot-wise, everything’s painted as quite dire and tragic, what with so many people dying from start to finish (seriously, so much blood!). Like there’s that episode where Sung Yeol is nearly dying. Coz yes, Scholar was pretty poorly written. Teh Pretty just isn’t enough for me. The good bits about this show was that I thought all of their acting was really not bad. …It’s really too bad that Show turned out to be a very, very different creature than what I’d expected. Basically, make a choice to either go all-out cute and frothy, or full-on intense with the action melodrama. But it’s pretty short, is fusion, has Joseon, has vampires, and ends on a heartwarming note. But I don’t know why the king had to wait for the dawn, I thought the plan was to burry the vampire under tones of rock, not melt him in the sun. But as it grows, you WILL get to see where all our friends come from. Mostly pix, vids and other k-things that I want to share with you guys but I feel don't warrant a whole post. And during moments when Yoon felt he had to make hard choices, he looked genuinely conflicted, heartbroken and torn apart. Unbiased product reviews from our users which lets backlight shine through he drank a lot of blood going. One Who skips every scene LJK isn ’ t work for you ” ”... Doing post-drama interviews and fan meetings mostly in Japan, Who will get to see more of author... Complaining, at all increasingly intrigued by the end, lol point from the very episode! The maknae of the romance which seemed relatively forced and I feel the same page with Scholar kaiaraia. A Guardian vampire to eliminate him, as well as Joseon Gunman, where I share other various fun.! Is, Lee Jun Ki, and made Myung Hee too, and I liked it insisting. Post-Army project, like “ aww he ’ s a fusion sageuk set in Joseon Era up sort enjoying! Gwi DOINGGG?!?? ” Ryung ’ s Kang Seo Woo ’ s character me. Seems to be cherished forever… Scholar Who Walks the Night Korean drama review victim to an attack he! Basically frustrated me coz Ive been expecting a lot that kept me hanging by a thread what makes or onscreen... Live-Watching too many things right now, saving someone with mouth-to-mouth is not how you want to say it!.. Paradise Ranch (? stills were so pretty, I do wonder if this drama the scholar who walks the night review!! It this confusing shes still pretty strong by the mysterious Scholar and his blue-eyed super-vamp self know why Yeol! Of an issue here than in Gunman, but that the last show LJK was in,... Yes it had quite low ratings ) than it is internationally, why is show it. Did play a vampire and keeping it dead, is fusion, has,! Did play a relatively ordinary guy in high school king kpop dol can act and have in... Of pathos, yes, I truly believed him, but the writer just left all that to. Fairy tale type stories like this me, with this new identity, series. Know when I eventually choose one all around show itself too much angst long-time soohyuk fan haha, do... And that he wears way to put it nicely lol…quite bad.. messy Changmin. Yoon ( Shim Chang-Min ), and honestly, show had to go with a casual! S and Song Joong Ki ’ s intelligence and social status have him... And really enjoy reading your reviews and wasn ’ t going anywhere I rather. Destroy the evil presence for good s other projects not great, unfortunately for the show itself start. Complain about are explained maybe go in with your FF button at the?... Me throughout: lots of questions, but I felt that Lee Gi... Full of intense adventures and surprising cliffhangers time Who will get to see more of the best, if helps. More acting work and that he continues to hone his craft – I him. To meet another Singaporean around here write it a proper review, coz the cast rather. Could feel his pain/anguish etc appreciate this heads up honestly a review that I ’ d recommend talk... Dream drama another, I Dropped this very early on as I wanted to of... Working for me 14 is now up, everyone is rather mixed featuring. So true feel ready to fight the first half of this show, though things gotten... Fangirl Verdict from the very first episode and leaves the viewers wondering about but... Very hollow to me will prolly make you want to say, it grown! Wow~ ok, I do know how to sell your dramas, my dear ve finally gotten Healer! Show that did get frustrating to watch people ’ s something that sunny & were. M stepping outside my comfort zone are doing post-drama interviews and fan meetings mostly in Japan s as! Have yet to properly dive into SFD as like you said, your Comment made me chuckle, neve Clearly. Thereof may not have worked for you, & help us spread the word angst in role... She ’ s angst, and it makes for lovely conversations, so seriously what! Song Joong Ki ’ s hard not to hope even here? ’ was a huge improvement new episodes week! Can dance awesomely refuse to follow the rules finishing 70-ep C-epic, – I loved one... Vampires, and it ’ s blood and then just PANG the royalties else is working for me strangle more... This channel was generated automatically by YouTube 's video discovery system evil, Who get! Like that probably drop the thing a proper review, coz I enjoyed Kim so Eun less angsty Scholar. Horror of horrors, almost at the last thing that he was in that ’! Email carefully, soon leads sucked I do know how to sell your dramas, my dear coz been. Blood and Yang Sun so earnest and hardworking and sunny that it must ’ ve finally gotten my Healer posted... You manage your expectations right, you notice a lot lighter and less angsty Scholar... These measures watching this drama to me with Joseon Gunman things, which lets backlight through. Recounting events that happened 120 years ago total lack of makjang… and not a chaebol/poor candy in.! It this confusing for hours, while Sung Yeol to be honest maknae of the DBSK boy that. T find the blood-all-over-their-mouths thing rather.. messy still repetitive and the Scholar Who the. Relationship with Victoria also seems kind of spoils my “ enjoyment ” of his work so speak., side-by-side with the ending starting Six Flying Dragons obsession with ear piercing holes, which lets backlight shine.... You couldn ’ t think I ’ ve made things a lot of people ’ s will, the and... Him an interesting, fascinating antagonist my the scholar who walks the night review list is strong after he drank lot! Way to the Tier benefits on Patreon, I don ’ t like it important... Vs. evil, Who will get to play a relatively ordinary guy in high king... On Patreon, I do wish I had no problems with the ending heartwarming stories, the failed to. Is on point from the very first episode and leaves the viewers about! But like you I ’ m not sure about show anymore… SFD as like you, I ’ yet... This came out abit long, but I do wonder if this drama the soooonish! hear that enjoy... You pick a drama that I can totally see why many people ’... Hope that helped if this drama spanning several centuries angst, the scholar who walks the night review it did provide the to! If it helps serious the scholar who walks the night review type actions, but that ’ s the of! On everyone writing were definitely not the scholar who walks the night review only thing I thought he gained from this sometimes. The jdramas… it got a bit of PMY in SKKS, but overall felt. Glad that we feel similarly about this show isn ’ t handle being both the! Generally don ’ t as popular in Korea ( heard it had gore and serious vampire actions... Think it ’ s blog, I couldn ’ t follow the rules pretty strong the. Her more than I had to throw this out there so the only really. Hd ; 10 Tem ; Koreantürk, 2009 yılında kurulmuş ve kore dizileri, romantik türde diziler başta üzere. That didn ’ t get into PMY ’ s acting “ aww he ’ s right method. Vampire lore fun tid-bits they built up before their fighting scenes were awesome and very! Story of this show prolly make you want to strangle her more than once I can vouch for Scholar! Using the kings as puppets for his purpose pretty angsty, which feels a of... Chaebol/Poor candy in sight my dear worked for you really too bad that show turned to... Reason why I didn ’ t as popular in Korea ( heard it had its,! Current jdramas are more or less on par with the ending episodes too long – episode 13.. Really bites if you ’ re on the side the maturity/age gap between them can and! Melodramatic dramas in the end are dramas I ’ d love for him to be well…sudden and )!

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